Learn from Each Event

We cannot stress how important it is to learn from each event you work on. The event world is filled with unexpected surprises and challenges, and each event is a learning opportunity that will support you in the future. With the transition to virtual events, this is important now more than ever. Switching to the virtual platform has been a real learning curve and we are currently working on an online virtual conference and wanted to share a few tips with you while they are fresh.

1. Keep the process as simple as possible. You might think that “Click Here” is self explanatory, but it’s not. As many video or screen shot tutorials you can create, the better.

2. Don’t underestimate the value of a graphic design. We no longer can create great signage on-site or add florals to the table at lunch, but we can enhance our event documents with great graphics and a easy to follow layout.

3. Keep the emails to a minimum. With so many of us working from home, there are more emails than ever before landing into our inboxes. Try to keep the content in your emails minimal and also the number of emails minimal. Use your website as a landing page for the event as you can keep that content up to date easily, without having to send multiple email updates.

4. Invest in a reputable audio visual provider. Unless you are already in the AV business, you have no business trying to manage an online event yourself. It is so important to find a local provider who can handle the tech sides of things and can troubleshoot issues when they arise, because we know they always do!

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