Keep Guests Engaged

This has always been an important piece of event planning but now that many people have shifted to the virtual platform for meetings and events, attendees have so many more opportunities to “zone out” as distractions are only a click away. . Here’s a few tips on how you and accomplish this and ensure your guests are staying focus and engaged throughout your meeting.

  1. Production Quality – Work with an audio visual provider to ensure your equipment (cameras, mics, lighting) are high quality. Consider branded backdrops and camera angles, and try to incorporate fun graphics and text bubbles to keep attendees glued to the screen.
  2. Polling or Surveys – Many platforms have built in features that allow you to take advantage of polling or surveys. These can be used strategically to benefit your attendees but can also be something fun to break up your meeting.
  3. Q & A – This might seem like an obvious piece to include in your meeting. But in addition to providing your guests the opportunity to submit questions to your speaker(s), have a few interesting questions selected ahead of time to ensure there are a few ready to go when the Q & A period starts. Often it takes attendees a few minutes to navigate the Q & A area of the virtual meeting platform and we want to avoid any downtime during the meeting.

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