Wellness Influence

Plant-based diets and people with gluten sensitivities continue to rise, so event planners and venues need to adjust their menus. As the millennial population continues to come of age, they are very aware and mindful on wellness and what they put in their bodies which will change what F & B looks like at public events.

Event managers are looking for event venues who can be innovative and accommodate their guests who are expecting more veggies at events. This doesn’t mean that we no longer need meat, as the majority of the populations still eat animal-based products. But what is does mean, is that we are going to see a continued rise in price increases to accommodate the expectation that we see variety in our event menus.

Finally, the modern concept of wellness goes beyond just physical health, placing an emphasis on mental health as well. In particular, when it comes to meeting planning, we expect to see more breaks and innovative ways to educate event guests vs. the usual classroom style setting.

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