Reducing the Carbon Footprint

With the environment being such a hot topic in today’s society we’d like to share some tips and tricks when it comes to planning a sustainable and environmentally conscious event. To understand the environmental impact of an event you must consider travel, water usage, decor, meals, electricity etc. It’s surprising how quickly it all adds up!

  1. Make sustainability a priority and communicate your goals early in the planning stages with your event partners and attendees.
  2. Choose venues that are committed to clean energy.
  3. Try going “zero waste”. Cut down on the amount of waste created by your event and its attendees. The main way to create a “zero waste” event is to offer composting for uneaten food.
  4. Buy local materials, food, and beverages. Use local vendors and business owners from the community to provide items for your event whenever possible.
  5. Re-purpose whatever materials possible.  Work with local charities for left-over or reusable items. Organize donations of left-over food with a local food bank or shelter and speak to other local charities about donating reusable items.

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