Think Big

As a business that works primarily with not-for-profit events, we are sharing this advice with some hesitation. But the best event concepts and themes are driven by big thinkers. If you want to create something unique, you must start out by thinking big and dreaming about how the event can look. Pull from your event stakeholders new ideas and creative concepts, use a vision or Pinterest board, share photos from other events and take advantage of the ever changing canvas that is the nature outdoors.

However (you knew this was coming!), you need to plan real. Review your ideas and then prioritize the ones that can be achieved. What event elements are essential, and which are not? Be sure to keep your event goals and objectives in mind to help you short-list which dreams are realistically attainable. Stay grounded throughout the process so avoid disappointment.

Balance can be a difficult thing to find, but taking the time to understand your client, your guests and your goals (we mention this twice because it’s KEY), can be a great help to finding that perfect point.

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