Build an event schedule

There are no many different components to events and planning. From vendors to suppliers to volunteers to staff! Questions to keep in mind: When does the entertainer arrive? How do I get a hold of them if they’re late? Who is the on-site contact with the caterer? When does the food need to be ready by? And if your event has a lot of moving pieces, you may even want to go as far as needing a minute-by-minute outline for setups, arrivals and everything in between.

A key document that keeps planners focused and organized is an event schedule. There are many different ways the schedule can look, some colleagues use online programs, some industry friends use an excel or word template they’ve found online, and some have developed their own system. Whatever you decide, do what works best for you. One key tip to creating this working doc is also to ensure it is edible and you can easily adjust the timing column as typically timelines change quite often in the weeks and even days leading up to an event. The key is to remain flexible and avoid any room for error when making shifts in your schedule.

Good luck!

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