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One of the most satisfying moments when working with clients on annual events, is to provide them with a USB of their event files post-event. Typically it will be organized with folders and subfolders and include all the event related documents that were used throughout the event planning process. Those records are vital to the continued success of an annual event and if you are working with a planner, be sure that this deliverable is noted on your contract and include the date that is must be provided by so it doesn’t slip through the cracks!

We can not count the number of clients we start to work with who have hosted an annual event for multiple years but have very few records timelines, decisions made, marketing materials, meeting minutes and so many other event related documents to provide a full picture of the history of the event.

If you are working with a planner and unsure of what documents you should be receiving, here’s a snap shot of what we would typically include:

  • Meeting Agenda, Minutes and Post-event Report
  • Event Timeline
  • Marketing, Communications and Advertising plans and materials (this might include scans or screenshots of ads or audio files for radio)
  • Vision boards and decor plans
  • Final proofs for all event print materials
  • Event signage (this often gets forgotten but it is so important to not have to reinvent the wheel from year to year!)
  • Day of Documents (check-lists, scripts, etc.)
  • Copies of multimedia presentations
  • Event Photos

And those are only just a few of the obvious ones. If you’d like to learn more about the other documents we provide to our clients post-event, feel free to contact us!

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