Quotes can be a very powerful event tool, but where do you use them? Here are three few reminders of where they could benefit your event:

1. Decor: Whether you are working on a wedding, a fundraiser or a corporate event, a framed quote can be a great way to encourage or motivate your event guest. Perhaps the quote will inspire your fundraising event guest to donate, or your employee to stay engaged during their breakout session to further their career

2. Sponsor package: This option may only be helpful for not-for-profit events, but it can be key. Including quotes from past event attendees or previous event sponsors can really support the cause and mission of the event. On top of the sponsor package, consider using a quote in the body of your follow up email to set yourself apart from the many other emails your contact may receive every day.

3. Press release: This may be the most obvious area, but it can often be forgotten. The media love press releases that include quotes from key stakeholders, whether it be an employee, sponsor, supporter or special guest (quotes from a big name are awesome!).

Quotes for events

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