The Toilets!

One area that often gets overlooked in event planning are the bathrooms. It’s a bit of an odd one, but people get very busy focusing on food and beverages (all very important too), that they forget about a space that, depending on the length of your event, many of your guests will need to utilize.

On top of the obvious fact that you want these areas to be clean, stocked and plentiful. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to keep your guests connected to the event, even while using the restroom. There may be an opportunity for signage on the door, near the hand washing station or above the hand dryer, where your guests will be standing and have nothing better to do, than to read your materials! Depending on the style of the event, perhaps you simply want to ensure the event theme is present so people stay invested and engaged in your event.

So, if you have an event planning checklist started, add “The Toilets!” to your list and ensure you have all your bases covered.

PS. You never know what famous selfie might become viral from the washroom!

Event Washroom Photo

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