Your budget

So many times, we work with clients who are not used to updating their budget throughout the planning process. We encourage you to work on this document throughout the entire event planning process, especially during the first few weeks of your planning which can be challenging as you are likely working on booking a venue, starting to coordinate entertainment and book other vendors. But this is a key piece in ensuring you are not over or under spending. It’s all about finding just the right balance to ensure you hit your goals.

We are especially lucky these days that with a quick google search, you can find templates and excel documents that can be easily edited for you to use (excel is my best friend!).

Last quick point, is pleeeease don’t forget about the budget document. It’s an ongoing process and you need to ensure you have formal updates planned multiple times during the planning process. Typically, on top of the continuous changes, I schedule client reviews 25%, 50% and 75% into the planning process/timeline so we can make any changes to our plans that might be necessary in order for the event to be a financial success!

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