Determine the Vision

Before you can start planning, you need to have a clear purpose on why you are planning the event in the first place. Every planning decision should support your main goal, this is a step you cannot skip in the planning process.

We typically tailor this part of the process with the client.  Some clients are visual and like to see vision boards, some clients prefer a point form list of objectives and some clients prefer to create a clear and concise mission statement for the event.

Be sure you check in with your vision constantly throughout the planning process.  If you have monthly committee meetings, include the vision at the top of the agenda or plan to verbally read it at the beginning and/or end of your meetings.  If you team isn’t all that excited about the constant reminders, then just keep it printed on your copy of the agenda or on a sticky note in your file.  The visual will help if you and your team get off track at any point during the planning process (which is far too common than we like to admit!).  Your mission statement, visual or list of objectives is something that you can refer back to at any point as you make event related decisions.

So be sure not to skip this step, but also, don’t rush it.  Take the extra time to meet and gain feedback from all key event stakeholders to ensure your vision is 100% accurate. 

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