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Patricia was the program coordinator for Abbotsford Executives Association. She managed the greeting, attendance and weekly program speaker reminders, She provided event tech support for presenters, as well as the corresponding reports of those weekly activities to the Board. Duties included quarterly invoicing of members, and recording the minutes of monthly Board meetings. Patricia’s attention to detail, her experience in special event management and vast community network added value to the board and membership when planning special and social events.
President, Abbotsford Executive Association

…vast community network added value to the board and membership…

I have had the pleasure of working with Patricia organizing Valley Wedding Solution’s Third Annual Wedding Show… She was extremely efficient, personable and creative. Having great initiative, she sought out what needed to be done, and did it with skill and efficiency. Patricia would be an asset to anyone seeking someone to coordinate any event, large or small.
Founder, Valley Wedding Solutions

…extremely efficient, personable and creative…